Monday, January 5, 2009


Spring was our favourite season,
but all that changed with a reason
Winter has never been so long;
for u, my sunshine, are gone

waking up is something i detest,
only in dreams i never protest
for my head says you are dead,
but my heart approves it's instead

who said only humans err,
God's made a blunder here!
He ordered one life depart,
And made two souls live apart

Never have i felt so crippled
though my limbs never even toddled
Like a bird missing its wings mid-air
without you, my life is hung in despair….


  1. Wow.... nice strong emotional words all over...

    Great starter Kumar... :)

    Keep it going !! Good luck !!

  2. soooper DM... Aanaa yaen ivvalavu feelings? :(

  3. wrote this for chn ink .. 3 yrs back
    feelings-lam onnum illa..based on a hindi pop song.
    badly wanted to post somethin in chn ink then!

  4. GOOD ONE!!but romba feel panni ezhthina madri iruku... keep gng...