Sunday, March 15, 2009


IMHO, of all the things man has created for himself, this one has created more evil than good. It is irony that it was put together in the best of intentions to create a better life for each one of us. Many have tried in many different ways to create a path that would lead mankind to harmony. On the contrary, it has only divided us more and more. 
Yes - in the name of "religion" we have fought many wars and still fighting, divided many a land, demolished cities and above all, lost millions of lives. 
It is not by some random coincidence that all of us have exactly 23 pairs of chromosomes. We are all the same and created by the same God/force.
Atleast, the privileged of us, the so-called literates should understand and make people understand that "Religion is just a way of life and a path to guide us and not life itself".