Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Okay..I agree. My blog has not begun with the happiest of notes possible. All of you folks have tagged me on that. My life has been much better and brighter than what my blog reflects... if only I count my blessings!

So, here's to life and all the good things it has shown me to..

To be born under the light of a million stars;
To have warmed her heart with happiness untold,
For she held me for the first time in her arms
To be her cherished son all life, I feel gifted!

To have lovely siblings who always cared;
For having their support whenever I was scared
To have them pamper me all through my childhood
To be their only brother, feels like knighthood!

To have sailed through those adolescent years;
To have reached the shores of manhood;
With my father who guided me as a beacon
To be his sailor, I feel blessed!

To have found a few good friends,
With their presence, my happiness never pretends
To experience their love and loyalty for eternity
To live my life, I feel elated!