Wednesday, February 4, 2009


In an abode of white purity
Dwelled the supreme creator;
Earnest in his next creation - the earth

With strokes of easy thought,
And abyssal imagination he drew
the first mountains and the first plains;
He spew the fires and rains,
thus formed the rivers and drains

Adorned he his pet creation
with a myriad of flowers and
crests of trees all over.
Semblance to heaven unmistaken,
For His brush was old
and the paint was white.

As an angel took aflight,
Fell his feather on His sight;
With this plume on His right,
He split the milky light.
Plumages of seven shades bright,
Emerged from this strifeful fight

And He painted his new child
with colours violet through red.
Dropped a silent hint,
whenever the sun and the rain
met unattended that showed!


  1. The Best of yours I would say ...!

  2. hey, did u write this.. wonderful!

  3. hey!!! Pic is also too gud :-))

  4. Excellent, did'nt know your creative side :-) keep up the good work.

  5. Kavidha Kavidha!!!romba nanna irukku....